Case abstraction

MMRIA’s abstraction forms and tools help MMRC members to understand the story of a woman’s life and the events leading to her death.

Case narrative

MMRIA provides access to semi-automated case narrative templates from which committee members can print easy-to-read case narrative details.

Routine analyses

MMRIA provides a common language that helps MMRCs to collaborate in case review and analyses.


MMRIA provides documentation of committee deliberations on pregnancy relatedness, preventability, and contributing factors.


MMRIA utilizes the CouchDB security system for user administration.

No Cost

MMRIA is provided free of charge.

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WHY do you need MMRIA?

Standardized data collection is a first step toward fully understanding the causes of maternal mortality and eliminating preventable maternal deaths. MMRIA helps Maternal Mortality Review Committees organize available data and begin the critical steps necessary to comprehensively identify and assess cases.

Repository for collection

of medical and social information surrounding an individual maternal death that can be used to facilitate review by a state- or jurisdiction-based maternal mortality review committee.

Cumulative record of selected

standardized indicators common to most maternal deaths that can be used for surveillance, monitoring, and research of maternal mortality.

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